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Friday essay: Svetlana Alexeviech didn’t make it to the Royal Commission

The Conversation

A doll lies in the ghost town of Pripyat, abandoned since the nearby Chernobyl power plant suffered a catastrophic meltdown in 1986. Henrik Ismarker/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SAThis is an edited version of a public lecture given at Melbourne University this week.

Just the other day I was sitting in my office here on campus waiting to chair some event I stupidly said yes to, eating a Portuguese tart out of a brown paper bag. I had ten minutes.

I picked up Svetlana Alexievich’s Voices from Chernobyl (1997). Started reading the prologue. The prologue has a name: “A Solitary Human Voice”. I’d read it …read more

Source: The Conversation

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