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Belarusians Elect Their House of Representatives

The Jamestown Foundation

Belarus held parliamentary elections on Sunday, September 11. Two opposition-minded candidates have been elected to the Belarusian legislature’s lower chamber, the House of Representatives: Anna Konopatskaya from the United Civic Party (headed by Anatol Lebedko, a long-time opposition politician) and Elena Anisim, deputy chairperson of the Comradeship for the Belarusian Language (headed by Aleh Trusau, yet another ever-present face in post-Soviet Belarusian politics). Konopatskaya is a lawyer by training and an independent entrepreneur. Anisim is a linguist from the Belarusian Academy of Science. Interestingly enough, Konopatskaya, who ran for a precinct in Minsk, defeated four other candidates, including Elena Korotkevich …read more

Source: The Jamestown Foundation

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