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Idea of Merging Adygea with Krasnodar Region Reemerges Again

On November 6, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Adygea’s governor, Aslan Thakushinov. The governor boasted that economic conditions in the republic are improving under his leadership. According to Thakushinov, Adygea’s own revenues increased three-fold while the subsidies the republic receives from Moscow were reduced by over 60 percent in recent years, to 39 percent. Thakushinov also said the republic was treating refugees from Ukraine well, adding, in passing: “We also take care of the refugees from Syria.” Adygea’s leader emphasized that the republic’s population is 63 percent “Slavic” while 25 percent are Circassians. Thakushinov sounded quite reassuring and almost …read more

Source: The Jamestown Foundation

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