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This Crimean Tatar Activist Survived Stalin—But Not Putin

Victims of Communism

Vedzhie Kashka was 82 years old. She was a child when the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin sent his NKVD to the Crimean Peninsula to deport the entire Crimean Tatar minority to Central Asia—and to kill anyone who resisted. She spent much of her adult life urging the Brezhnev-era bureaucracy to allow her people to return home. Last month, she was killed by the security agents of the latest Russian dictator: Vladimir Putin.
On November 23, Kashka was with several other Crimean Tatar activists, including Bekir Degermendzhi, Asan Chapukh, and Kyazim Ametov in a café in Simferopol, a major city in the …read more

Source: Victims of Communism

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