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Flooding the Dnipro River

Flooding the Dnipro River
Rachel Moltz
Sun, 10/23/2022 – 16:53
On October 19 the Institute for the Study of War warned that Russia was “setting information conditions to conduct a false-flag attack on the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant.” Damage to the plant would unleash a wall of water south along the Dnipro River, flooding the area near Kherson and inhibiting a military crossing of the river. This warning comes in the wake of a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive that is likely to reach Kherson soon. Russia has already begun mandatory evacuations of the civilian population from the city, ostensibly for humanitarian reasons but more likely in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the region. The fall of Kherson would position Ukrainian forces to continue their offensive along the Black Sea coast and into Crimea, further jeopardizing the Russian hold on the illegally annexed territories in southern and eastern Ukraine.

Destroying dams to unleash flooding was a tactic used extensively in World War II by both the Allies and Germany. RAF Bomber Command used special “bouncing” bombs in Operation Chastise to breach two dams (a third dam was slightly damaged) in the Ruhr Valley, flooding factories, mines, and power stations in a daring …read more

Source:: Hoover Institution


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