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NATO’s Flawed Nature

NATO’s Flawed Nature
Tue, 05/16/2023 – 15:44
NATO’s Flawed Nature

The war in Ukraine altered the nature and membership of NATO in a positive fashion. Although, without intense escalation—i.e., a widening war in Eastern Europe or East Asia—actual long-term positive change or membership augmentation, remains doubtful due to modernity’s false perception of mankind’s fallen nature. Thus, time decays NATO positivity.

Altered Nature

When the war began on February 24, 2022, it seemed a perceptive pivot back to Cold War defense doctrine and a corrective on the post-1991 halcyon milieu. Even within the corridors of the Beltway and Brussels, the Francis Fukuyama thesis of the end of history and democracy’s transcendence solidified.[1] The West assumed conventional warfare was dead. They were wrong. Thus, Russia’s 2022 invasion of Ukraine sobered many NATO countries, such as Germany; however, she already displays signs of a waning will with Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s trepidation to deploy promised Leopard 2 battle tanks. Moreover, many countries stated they would meet the two percent GDP defense spending requirement, but few have yet to match rhetoric with action, and after decades of monies feeding pensions rather than combat effectiveness, unless the war escalates little will change.

Altered Membership

The initial European reaction seemed …read more

Source:: Hoover Institution


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