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Russia’s Renewal of NATO

Russia’s Renewal of NATO
Tue, 05/16/2023 – 15:53
Russia’s Renewal of NATO

Both the nature and the membership of NATO is very much up in the air. As few as five years ago, the sense of fracturing within NATO was palpable. There were geographic divisions along both north and south, and east and west axes, with each region viewing both the nature and the mission of NATO differently. I organized a wargame in 2016 with my colleague Julianne Smith at the Center for a New American Security in which NATO Council members had real difficulties reaching consensus on a Russian incursion of a Baltic, hence NATO, state.

Today NATO has been much more united in its response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a non-NATO country. It has decried Russia’s actions, imposed limited economic sanctions, and sent increasing levels of military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine. Still, the evolutionary process of Europe’s security policy has been slow. Poland and the Baltic nations have been aggressive in their public statements. Germany, which had the most dependence upon Russian energy and Chinese markets, has been reticent to engage strongly with military support, including sending tanks as promised, due to perceived conflicts with its …read more

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