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Sustaining A Major Military Intervention

Sustaining A Major Military Intervention
Rachel Moltz
Mon, 10/17/2022 – 09:12
Is the United States either politically or materially capable of sustaining a large overseas military intervention? The short answer is that for the next several years, our military’s material advantages and technological modernization give us an overwhelming warfighting edge over any foe, including China or Russia. Our military planning and command-and-control have been constantly refined and updated during the past two decades of war. Granted, Iraq and Afghanistan battlefields are nothing like we would face against our primary adversaries. But in terms of firepower, command experience, logistics deployments, and inter-service coordination, China and Russia are leagues behind us.

Our society is badly riven and the “woke” movement sponsored by the progressive Left will affect over the next decade who volunteers for the military. Achieving diversity of gender and race is reaching parity with merit in selections for promotions. These deleterious factors, however, do not undermine our military capabilities in the near term.

What does affect our ability to fight a war in the near term is the will of president. No one can predict where or when America will be challenged by force of arms. The decision to intervene rests …read more

Source:: Hoover Institution


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