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Technology, Economics, And Governance News Roundup | February 3 – 10

Technology, Economics, And Governance News Roundup | February 3 – 10
Rachel Moltz
Tue, 02/14/2023 – 08:38
In this week’s edition, crisis communications between the US and China are lacking, Biden reinforces his tech agenda during the State of the Union, Microsoft announces they will incorporate ChatGPT into Bing, and Chris Inglis steps down as national cyber director. Additionally, the US and UK sanction Russian cybercrime group, Trickbot, tech jobs are on the rise in New York and Washington, DC, and disinformation researchers test ChatGPT.

Industrial Policy & International Security

Balloon incident reveals more than spying as competition with China intensifies | The New York Times

After a US spy plane and Chinese fighter collided off the coast of Hainan Island in 2001, both countries committed to improve crisis communications and management. However, China’s response to the discovery of a spy balloon passing over the continental United States, including Montana’s nuclear silos, indicates that not much has changed. Surveillance balloons equipped with high-tech sensors are able to hover at altitudes that allow them to intercept transmissions that satellites cannot. Though China has a history of spying on the US—stealing F-35 designs, security clearance files from the Office of Personnel Management, and medical …read more

Source:: Hoover Institution


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