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TEG Working Group News Roundup July 21 – July 28

TEG Working Group News Roundup July 21 – July 28
Mon, 07/31/2023 – 16:15
In this week’s edition, we explore Biden’s “place-based” industrial policy and a new bipartisan tech regulation proposal by Senators Warren and Graham. We delve into AI’s rising impact, from MIT’s anti-manipulation tool, PhotoGuard, to the AI resurgence in San Francisco. Other key issues include China’s Microsoft Cloud breach and new studies highlighting ideological segregation on Facebook and its implications on political discourse.

Industrial Policy & International Security

The Biden administration embraces place-based industrial policy | The Economist

The Biden administration has adopted a “place-based” industrial policy, investing billions of dollars to stimulate manufacturing capacity in economically struggling regions. This move comes in response to increasing income disparity across the country, with wealthier areas outpacing poorer ones significantly over recent decades. The significant items include funding provided by the Chips Act to spur American semiconductor manufacturing, with $10 billion set aside to create 20 regional “Tech Hubs” outside currently dominant tech centers like Silicon Valley. Despite bipartisan support, the success of place-based policy has been inconsistent, with concerns about future funding and the changing nature of manufacturing jobs.

US Tech Regulation

Warren, Graham partner in proposing new agency to …read more

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