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The United States: A Nation in Need of a Leader

The United States: A Nation in Need of a Leader
Thu, 06/01/2023 – 07:55
At a time when the overall power of the Russian Federation has been very greatly diminished by its failure to swiftly conquer Ukraine as all had expected and the overall power of the People’s Republic of China has been eroded by the cruel exposure of its broad technological limitations following some rather narrow U.S. export denials, while Iran’s immiseration, aggravated by adventurism, has deprived its regime of public support, even as Brazil and Turkey, once rising powers of great potential are stagnating, while North Korea’s boasts succeed one another without effect, and South Africa continues to decline into a failed state––why do many Americans believe that the relative power of the United States has greatly declined?

One reason is that they see countries once firmly in America’s camp, such as Turkey and far more significantly Saudi Arabia, closely cooperating with Putin’s Russia in ways that enhance its war-making capacity, the former by supplying it with embargoed equipment starting with microprocessors, and the latter engaging in joint output manipulations that increase Russian as well as Saudi oil revenues.

The Saudis, moreover, also cooperated with Xi Jinping’s pronouncedly …read more

Source:: Hoover Institution


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